Patch Test-Book Here

Patch Test-Book Here

How do I book for an IPL Patch Test?

You can book your IPL Patch Test by clicking on ‘Select an appointment date’ and select a date from the calendar.
Click on ‘Select a Session Type’ and click on IPL Patch Test from the drop down menu and this will enable you to book your appointment with us for the Patch Test. We have two IPL machines, so you will see IPL and IPL 1 they are identical so you can pick according to the date/time that best suits you.

Within a few minutes of booking your appointment you will get an email confirming the appointment, if this does not happen please email or call us, and we will check this for you.


New IPL Client Forms

You can save time by printing off and completing the New Client Forms ahead of your appointment.
You can download them by clicking on the ‘New Client Forms’ button above and bring them with you to your Patch Test appointment. If you are unable to print the forms and complete them before your Patch Test appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete these health questionnaires. If you have purchased any online offer, we require a print out as proof of purchase at your first appointment. All offers/promotions are non-refundable, non-transferable and subject to availability.

Why do I need a skin patch test?

A skin patch test is extremely important as we will be able to assess whether or not you are a suitable candidate for IPL. The skin patch test will show if you have any discolouration, discomfort, swelling or will show us that you have no reaction at all and that you can continue with your treatment. A skin patch test is carried out on each area you want treating as one are may react differently to the other one.

If you show no adverse reactions for 48 hours after your skin patch test you will be able to continue with your full treatments. Once you have had your skin patch test and you are able to continue with your treatment, you MUST always tell your IPL operator if anything has changed since your last visit, ie, medication, health, skin condition. Adverse reactions are rare but they can happen which is why we strongly advise having a skin patch test.

How do I prepare for a skin patch test?

You must have hair in the area that is to be treated, this is how we can assess your hair colour, thickness and growth. Your skin has to be in good condition, ie, not dry, irritated, rashes or broken skin. You must not have a tan, used a sun bed or have used fake tanning products, including wash-off fake tan. You should arrive for your IPL session WITHOUT makeup, cream or perfume on the AREA that is to be treated.